smiling young female patient in a beanie

In What Circumstances Might a Patient Benefit from a Dental Bridge?

Whether teeth are lost, damaged, or extracted from the smile, patients need to work with a restorative dentist to obtain the replacements they require to restore the function and health of the smile. Patients in the communities of Warrensburg, Oak Grover, and Windsor, MO are encouraged to work with the team at Ridgeview Family Dental […]

male dentist showing x-rays to a male patient

Three dental technologies available at Ridgeview Family Dental

Ridgeview Family Dental believes in providing patients in the areas of Warrensburg and Oak Grove, MO with the solutions they need to achieve beautiful, healthy smiles. Not only does this mean routine dental work, but it also means integrating modern technologies into one’s dental needs. Our staff offers several dental technologies that can make diagnosis, […]

male patient getting his teeth examined by a dentist

Five Things Your Dentist Wants You to Know About Routine Dental Examinations

Routine dental examinations should occur every six months, according to the American Dental Association. However, not everyone visits their dentist on a regular basis for proactive dental care. Below are five things that your dentist at Ridgeview Family Dental would want you to know about recall visits. Maintaining dental health between appointments is easy. Maintaining […]

male dentist looking at intraoral scans of a patient's teeth

How Intraoral Imaging and Other Dental Technologies Can Enhance Your Experience in the Dental Chair

At Ridgeview Family Dental, patients in and around the area of Windsor, MO have the ability to work with a team of dentists committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions for common dental concerns. Our practices provide patients of all ages with solutions for their smiles, and integrate today’s technology for precision care. One of the benefits […]

female patient getting her teeth examined

Enjoy family and children’s dentistry under one roof

At Ridgeview Family Dental, patients in the communities of Oak Grove, Windsor, and Warrensburg, MO can obtain quality dental care solutions. Our family-friendly practice offers services for both children and adults, ensuring generations of family members have access to comprehensive solutions for their smiles. What services are provided at Ridgeview Family Dental? Our practice offers […]

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