How Intraoral Imaging and Other Dental Technologies Can Enhance Your Experience in the Dental Chair

At Ridgeview Family Dental, patients in and around the area of Windsor, MO have the ability to work with a team of dentists committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions for common dental concerns. Our practices provide patients of all ages with solutions for their smiles, and integrate today’s technology for precision care. One of the benefits of working with our practice is the chance to see how intraoral imaging can improve the patient experience.

What is intraoral imaging?

Intraoral imaging is the use of a specialized camera that allows our patients to see the dental work that needs to be done and view the finished product when complete. Our dental staff can use these full-color images that are stored in our computer to monitor the progress of treatment and to show patients concerns within their smile that may require additional services. We use these images to track progress and to give patients a better understanding of the procedures performed and how they are directly impacting the smile. This makes it easier than ever to diagnose problems and help patients visualize what needs to be done. These images can be used to show patients areas of decay, signs of worn restorations, and places within the smile where the signs of periodontal disease may be visible. Once patients have been diagnosed, we use the intraoral camera images to show them the improvements that have been made and assist them in better understanding the benefits of our services. Seeing is believing, and with intraoral imaging, patients can see the enhancements occurring.

What other dental technology is used in our practice?

In addition to our intraoral imaging abilities, we also provide digital x-rays to reduce radiation exposure and the use of a device called the Diagnodent to easily spot and treat areas of tooth decay.

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