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Protect Your Teeth—Day or Night

Maintaining a healthy and radiant smile goes beyond regular brushing and flossing. Whether you’re an athlete engaged in intense physical activity or someone who unconsciously grinds their teeth at night, protecting your teeth from potential damage is crucial. Fortunately, nightguards and mouthguards offer a simple yet effective solution to safeguard your teeth from various oral health concerns. From preventing teeth grinding to shielding your mouth during sports, your Missouri dentists offer custom-made dental appliances can be a game-changer in your oral care routine.

Mouthguards For Maintaining Your Active Lifestyle

Mouthguards are recommended to protect the jaw, teeth, tongue, and soft tissue of the mouth during physical activities such as boxing, football, basketball, baseball, or any other activity where your mouth may be hit.

Wearing a mouthguard during high-impact sports can safeguard your teeth from sports injuries such as tooth fractures and tooth loss. With a mouthguard, you’ll never have to worry about choosing between your oral health and active lifestyle.

Nightguards Protect You From Teeth Grinding

Nightguards are a specialized type of mouthguard designed to help relieve symptoms of bruxism. Bruxism, more commonly referred to as the grinding or clenching of teeth, is a subconscious habit responsible for causing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems as well as the wearing down of teeth.

Bruxism is very common, though its origin differs from patient to patient and is most often associated with anxiety and stress. Emotional tension, anger, and frustration can cause people to start grinding their teeth in response to stressful times in their lives. A nightguard acts as a barrier to stop your teeth from grinding together during sleep. It can also be worn during the day to help break the habit. 

Despite its commonality, many people who suffer from bruxism are’nt even aware of the problem as most people’s symptoms occur while asleep. Although symptoms may not always be present, there are a number of clues that may signal you are suffering from bruxism:

  • Waking up in the morning with a headache or facial tension/pain that dissipates as the day goes along
  • Teeth that suddenly become sensitive to hot and cold
  • Teeth whose chewing surfaces have become dull and flat

In most cases, simply wearing a nightguard will eliminate the problem. If the condition persists, however, we can suggest a number of alternative treatments and relaxation methods that may relieve the symptoms.

Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Whether you’re looking for a mouthguard to help with your active lifestyle or to address teeth grinding, the process of getting your custom mouthguard or nightguard is the same. Your personalized treatment will consist of just two simple appointments. 

During your first appointment, Dr. Young will discuss your unique circumstances, taking note of your symptoms and pain before determining that an oral appliance is the best course of action. If so, we’ll take detailed impressions of your bite to ensure a personalized fit for your new appliance. 

During the second appointment, we’ll deliver your new personalized mouthguard or nightguard and ensure it fits perfectly before you leave our office.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three types of mouthguards/nightguards

    • Stock guards: a one-size-fits-all option that can be purchased at retail stores.
    • Boil & Bite guards: a more customizable option in which you boil the specially made plastic and bite into it to form your guard.
    • Custom guards: these are only available at a dental office. 

While guards purchased at local stores can be cheaper, you sacrifice quality. Stock guards don’t offer full protection, and in the event of user error, boil & bite guards may not fit well enough to help. The mouthguards and nightguards made in a dental office are custom-made to fit your mouth, making them the premier option and Dr. Young’s recommendation.

On average, guards last between 3 and 10 years. Both mouthguards and nightguards are made of durable, malleable long-lasting plastic.. To prolong the life of your guard, practice good oral hygiene habits like brushing and keep your mouthguard or nightguard clean by rinsing it with water whenever your remove it.

Nightguards and mouthguards are suitable for a wide range of individuals. Nightguards are commonly recommended for individuals who grind or clench their teeth during sleep, regardless of age. Mouthguards, on the other hand, are particularly beneficial for athletes and sports enthusiasts of all ages, as they provide vital protection against dental injuries during high-impact activities. However, it is always advisable to consult with your dentist to determine the most appropriate dental appliance for your specific oral health needs and lifestyle.

Nightguards and mouthguards serve different purposes in protecting your teeth. Nightguards are designed to prevent teeth grinding and clenching during sleep, also known as bruxism. On the other hand, mouthguards are primarily used during physical activities and sports to shield your teeth, gums, and jaws from potential impact and injury.

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