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Enhance Your Smile At Ridgeview Family Dental

Smiling has more benefits than most people realize, including boosting your immune system, lowering your blood pressure, and relieving stress. However, if your teeth have visible imperfections, it can be hard to find the confidence to smile. That’s where cosmetic dentistry can help.

Ridgeview Family Dental is committed to excellence and providing you and your family with comprehensive cosmetic procedures to give you the beautiful smile you deserve. Our three Missouri locations in Warrensburg, Oak Grove, and Windsor each offer superb cosmetic dentistry services for you and your family.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Its Benefits

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses not only the health of the teeth but also their aesthetic quality. Several products and procedures are applied within the field of cosmetic dentistry to improve the well-being and visual beauty of your teeth.

As one of Missouri’s best cosmetic dentists, Dr. Young can help fix:

  • Misaligned or misshapen teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Crooked teeth

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

We pay special attention to helping you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.  Once we determine the treatment plan that will work best for you, we can schedule an appointment that leaves time for every detail.  Not everyone is the same, so we take pride in finding the right process just for you!

Teeth Whiteningman smiling

Sparkling, white, and beautifully bright teeth are something we all desire. Aging, diet, and certain beverages affect the color of our teeth, so it’s extremely difficult to keep your teeth white without cosmetic care. Dr. Young offers both in-office and at-home teeth whitening options that can deliver the beautiful white smile you deserve.

Porcelain Veneersporcelain veneers

In some instances, our teeth may get cracked, chipped, or become altered, causing an unnatural shape, size, and alignment of your teeth. At Ridgeview, we use porcelain veneers to help correct flawed smiles and turn them into beautiful ones. Most veneers are a permanent solution. While some can be removed, the porcelain shells are typically bonded to your existing teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every person’s smile is unique. We’ve become one of the most trusted cosmetic dentist’s offices in Missouri because we are passionate about taking great care in creating and designing the smile you deserve. 

Before surgery or a procedure even begins, we work to account for bone structure, age, and gender to help our technicians create masterful works of art.

Cosmetic dentistry aims to correct aesthetic imperfections of the teeth while restorative dentistry aims to correct issues related to the health and function of your smile. If you are missing teeth or suffer from severe tooth decay, Dr. Young may recommend restorative dental procedures to help repair your smile.

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