In What Circumstances Might a Patient Benefit from a Dental Bridge?

Whether teeth are lost, damaged, or extracted from the smile, patients need to work with a restorative dentist to obtain the replacements they require to restore the function and health of the smile. Patients in the communities of Warrensburg, Oak Grover, and Windsor, MO are encouraged to work with the team at Ridgeview Family Dental to obtain the restorations most appropriate for them. For many patients, Dr. R. McKell Young may recommend dental bridges.

What are dental bridge?

Dr. R. McKell Young describes a dental bridge as a restoration that “bridges the gap” between teeth caused by tooth loss. This restoration is often made of porcelain and created to match the existing teeth in the smile. The bridge itself is made up of false teeth, referred to as pontics, fused to dental crowns on each side. The crowns are placed over the surrounding natural teeth for support.

What are the benefits of dental bridges?

There are many advantages to having dental bridges placed in the smile. They are:

  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Permanent
  • Versatile

Why might a dentist recommend dental bridges?

Dr. R. McKell Young may recommend dental bridges for different patients based on their specific situation and their needs. For example, a patient may want something more permanent than a partial denture, which is removable each day and requires special care. However, they may not be a viable candidate for dental implants, an even more permanent restoration used by dentists. In cases such as this, the patient can benefit from placing a dental bridge more than any other option. Additionally, patients with dental insurance coverage may also be able to have their bridge placed affordably depending on the benefits their plan provides. Our front office team can work with dental insurance companies to make the most of a patient’s dental benefits.

Speak to the team at Ridgeview Family Dental today regarding dental bridges

Dental bridges are a versatile solution that might meet the needs of many of our patients. Dr. R. McKell Young encourages patients in the areas of Warrensburg and Oak Grove, MO to call (660) 747-9117 and request a consultation appointment. Learning about this and other alternatives is the best way to decide which treatment is most appropriate for one’s unique needs.

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