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How to Make your Smile Stand Out in 2018

With every new year comes a renewed sense of motivation, at least for most people. We make plans to drop that last 10 pounds, or at least to start eating more fruits and vegetables. New Year’s is a time of new beginnings, that is for sure, and that can pay off when you include your […]

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Is Your Vegetarian Diet Good for Your Teeth?

As evidence supporting the value of a meat-free diet expands, the popularity of vegetarian and vegan dietary plans increases. There are clear advantages to making a shift in the way we eat. Research indicates that a plant-based diet that is rich in necessary nutrients can benefit gut health, boost immunity, and increase resistance to diseases […]

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This is How Dental Implants Support Well-Being

Tooth loss is not something that has to take down your smile, not anymore. While many of our ancestors experienced the literal loss of permanent teeth and the consequences of complete tooth loss, we don’t have to. First, we have more ways to preserve the health of our teeth and gums, which enables us to […]

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