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Pregnancy Is Not a Reason to Stop Seeing Your Dentist

Life changes from the moment you find out you’re pregnant. Understandably, the usual business of life takes on new meaning. There is a lot to learn about how your body will change and how you must deal with those changes. Frequent doctor’s visits to monitor your growing baby may take over as priority Number One. […]

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How to Make your Smile Stand Out in 2018

With every new year comes a renewed sense of motivation, at least for most people. We make plans to drop that last 10 pounds, or at least to start eating more fruits and vegetables. New Year’s is a time of new beginnings, that is for sure, and that can pay off when you include your […]

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Is Your Vegetarian Diet Good for Your Teeth?

As evidence supporting the value of a meat-free diet expands, the popularity of vegetarian and vegan dietary plans increases. There are clear advantages to making a shift in the way we eat. Research indicates that a plant-based diet that is rich in necessary nutrients can benefit gut health, boost immunity, and increase resistance to diseases […]

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Oops! Dental Injuries are Often No Accident.

A dental injury, such as breaking a tooth mid-way through a bowl of popcorn, is an unpleasant surprise. This experience feels like an accident, at best. At worst, it can feel unnerving. Teeth are resilient! Our teeth have been biting and chewing all kinds of foods for many, many years. Why would one fail us […]

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Simple Tips for Students’ Dental Health

This is the time of year when families are thinking about upcoming schedules and how they will manage carpools and bake sales and sleepovers and more. Students are thinking about their new teachers and classes, about whom they may meet and what new interests await. Nowhere in the hubbub of back-to-school time would we be […]

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Managing Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a problem that can significantly diminish your enjoyment of everyday luxuries – like eating. Of course, eating is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Considering how often we feed ourselves, we can see how sensitivity could create a heap of stress. We want to talk about the issue of tooth sensitivity because […]

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Let’s Tackle Bad Breath!

We all like to think that bad breath is something we can avoid. Many of us turn to mints to keep a hint of freshness in the mouth. Some people chew gum to keep the mouth from getting dry and “dirty.” There are several strategies that are commonly used to avoid or manage odor. Perhaps […]

Do you know Fact from Fiction?

Of course, you know fact from fiction, at least when the evidence is clear and present. We cannot tell you how many times we have met patients who believe some falsehood about dentistry or oral health. To test your knowledge of lesser known topics, we have devised a short quiz for your entertainment. So True, […]

Children’s Dentistry

Cavity Prevention in Children is a DIY Project

Parents often wonder when they should start taking their little one to the dentist. Professional exams and cleanings are an important aspect of keeping teeth healthy, and healthy teeth are an important aspect of speech and oral development. So you definitely want to bring your child to one of Ridgeview Family Dental’s friendly offices for […]

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