Managing Sensitivity

General Dentistry Warrensburg MOTooth sensitivity is a problem that can significantly diminish your enjoyment of everyday luxuries – like eating. Of course, eating is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Considering how often we feed ourselves, we can see how sensitivity could create a heap of stress. We want to talk about the issue of tooth sensitivity because it is important to address it in the right manner. Because toothpaste are now made to reduce the discomfort of overactive nerves in teeth, the opportunity to gain long-term resilience could be missed. We would hate for this to happen

How We May Treat Sensitive Teeth

If your teeth ache when you consume a beverage that leans too far to the hot or cold side of the fence, talk with your dentist. With appropriate treatment, sensitivity can become a thing of the past. Options include:

  • Treating the gums. Sometimes, sensitivity is the result of inflammation. Directly, the cause is that the root surface of a tooth surrounded by a periodontal pocket (filled with bacteria, yuck!) has lost the coverage of cementum, a layer of material that exists between the gums and the root. When periodontal pockets form, bacteria degrade this biofilm, which leaves the nerves of the tooth susceptible to irritation. To resolve this issue, we may suggest a deep cleaning of the area beneath the gums.
  • Applying veneers. Front teeth that are sensitive may ache due to a degraded overlay of enamel. Tooth erosion can occur anywhere in the mouth, usually as a result of too much acidity. Erosion may present cosmetic problems, as well as sensitivity. Placing a lifelike veneer over the surface of a front tooth or teeth resolves both the cosmetic and the physical consequences of erosion.
  • Covering the full tooth. Back teeth cannot be veneered, but they can be covered with a dental crown to fortify the entire structure. Usually, we think of crowns as a more substantial method of repair, used when a tooth has been badly damaged. In the case of sensitivity due to erosion, a crown may be an excellent option for restoring comfort.

Tooth sensitivity can diminish your quality of life. Get the care you need to regain comfort when you visit Ridgeview Family Dental in Windsor, Oak Grove, or Warrensburg.

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