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You Need to know about Gum Recession

Discussions about gum health typically revolve around how to avoid gum disease, or why we should avoid gum disease, or how to spot gum disease. You get the idea. We all understand just how devastating this progressive infection can be. But there’s more. There is another condition affecting the gums that could threaten your smile: […]

There’s Something you need to know about Teeth Whitening

If you look at your smile with surprise, wondering where the brightness has gone, thoughts of teeth whitening may come to mind more often than not. We all love what we see when we look at the smiles of our favorite celebrities. They all seem to have been born with perfectly straight, perfectly radiant teeth. […]

Do you know Fact from Fiction?

Of course, you know fact from fiction, at least when the evidence is clear and present. We cannot tell you how many times we have met patients who believe some falsehood about dentistry or oral health. To test your knowledge of lesser known topics, we have devised a short quiz for your entertainment. So True, […]

If you have a Dental Crown, you Want to Read This

Dental crowns are a common restoration used to protect a tooth that has suffered an injury. Maybe you cracked a tooth on a kernel of popcorn, or an infection in the pulp of your tooth required you to have a root canal. In either situation, the tooth is vulnerable to further breakage, and that would […]

sports drink for kids

Should your Child be given Sports Drinks?

Parents are continually told what is good and what isn’t good for their children. Soda is bad. It has sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. As an alternative, many are turning to sports drinks. You know, the colorful beverages that just about every child-athlete wants at half-time or other breaks from the big game. Sports drinks […]

Maintaining Oral Hygiene

Put up your Best Fight Against Cavities

Most adults do not consider themselves in a fight against cavities. Usually, tooth decay – and its uncomfortable symptoms – is perceived as a condition that we leave behind after we reach a certain age.  In the years that our team has been providing personal dental care to patients from the Windsor, Oak Grove, and […]

Cosmetic Dentistry

Let’s Talk about Coverage

When a tooth has been damaged or is cosmetically flawed, it needs coverage. The question that many of our patients may have when contemplating care is just how much coverage they need. It used to be that a tooth, whether for aesthetic or functional reasons, would be enhanced or restored using a lifelike dental crown. […]

Children’s Dentistry

Cavity Prevention in Children is a DIY Project

Parents often wonder when they should start taking their little one to the dentist. Professional exams and cleanings are an important aspect of keeping teeth healthy, and healthy teeth are an important aspect of speech and oral development. So you definitely want to bring your child to one of Ridgeview Family Dental’s friendly offices for […]

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Why Nitrous Oxide may be your Secret to Great Dental Visits

One of the aspects of family dentistry that we prioritize is patient comfort. The team at Ridgeview Family Dental in Warrensburg, Windsor, and Oak Grove work with gentle hands to examine, clean, restore, and enhance teeth of patients of all ages. Even with the measures that we take, we know that some patients may need […]

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