You Need to know about Gum Recession

Gum Recession | Ridgeview Family Dental OHDiscussions about gum health typically revolve around how to avoid gum disease, or why we should avoid gum disease, or how to spot gum disease. You get the idea. We all understand just how devastating this progressive infection can be. But there’s more. There is another condition affecting the gums that could threaten your smile: recession.

Gum recession has been largely overlooked throughout history; perceived as a normal aspect of the aging process. If one was “long in the tooth,” that merely meant that he or she was up there in age. This term demonstrates the commonality of recession, and the acceptance of a condition that has no place in any person’s mouth. Gum recession is not a normal thing. It’s not a good thing. Having recessed gums can mean this to your mouth:

  • Your gums cover the roots of your teeth. Recession leaves this area exposed and vulnerable to acidity and bacteria. Root exposure can mean expedited decay at the lowest part of the tooth, a part of the tooth that does not have the same degree of protection as, say, the crown. Furthermore, if the exposed root is affected by decay, the method of restorative care may differ significantly from that for a standard cavity (root canal versus filling).
  • The roots of teeth are interconnected with nerves and various vessels. When these substructures lose the protection of a healthy gum overlay, their response to temperature changes is more pronounced. Just drinking a cool glass of water can be unpleasant due to sensitivity.
  • Receding gums are weak gums. Weak gums do not adhere to teeth. Pockets form, allowing bacteria and debris to accumulate beneath the surface. Bam! Stage set for gum disease.
  • Accumulated plaque and bacteria in hidden pockets also means bad breath that is difficult to resolve.

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