It’s Prime Travel Time! What Does That Mean for your Smile?

Oral Hygiene | Ridgeview Family Dental MOOn a day to day basis, most of us keep a pretty regular schedule. We know when we have to get up to get the kids out to school or get ourselves to work on time. We know what to eat to maintain a healthy body with sufficient energy to get through the day. We know how to keep our teeth clean and healthy. You get the picture.

When summertime reaches full-swing status, as it typically does right around Independence Day, something interesting happens. Our schedule may lose a large percentage of its structure. We may go on vacation for several days, or for a few weeks. Time on the open road is beneficial on some levels. At the same time, the lack of routine can wreck your oral health. That is if you’re not careful to plan accordingly.

Plan Snacks

Are you going away for a day? For a week? This can lead to the great temptation to stop at convenient locations to grab a quick bite before getting back on the road. And you know what that means, processed foods and sugary treats. We could keep going, but you know what that means already, so we won’t. The risk of tooth decay and erosion are high when we are away from our normal routine. Here’s what you can do (and it’s easy!). Prepare a care package of healthy snacks that will clean your teeth and encourage saliva flow. Think crunchy, like celery or apples. Think nuts. Think cheese that builds strong teeth.

Plan to Stay Hydrated

It’s hard enough to drink all those glasses of water when you are at home or work. Being on the road or a long flight can make it seem nearly impossible to stay hydrated. It’s not. And there is a good reason to keep on sipping! Water washes debris from teeth. Not just that rogue poppy seed from your morning bagel, but also the hidden biofilm that leads to plaque. Water is especially crucial for rinsing after snacks and meals.

Plan to Stay Clean

What better way to get through a long trip without “dirty mouth” than to pack a small kit that includes antibacterial mouthwash, floss, and a travel-sized toothbrush! Your day will feel a whole lot fresher if you can swish or brush when that fuzzy, yucky feeling strikes!

Amidst all of your summertime fun, the care you give to your smile remains important. Is it time for a checkup and cleaning? Call 660-747-9117.

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