Has Your Toddler Seen the Dentist?

Childrens Dentistry | Ridgeview Family Dental | Warrensburg MOYour baby will always be your baby, no matter how old they get. However, this baby of yours will go through many life stages. If your child is in the oh-so-fun and challenging toddler stage and has not yet seen the dentist, we invite you to contact a Ridgeview Family Dental office near you. We kindly serve patients of all ages from the Warrensburg, Oak Grove, and Windsor areas. In our offices, we focus on the comfort and ongoing health of each patient and understand the immense value of early childhood dental care.

The best time to contact a qualified dentist for your child’s dental health is as soon as you have any questions – this often occurs before one year of age. Many dentists encourage formal care to begin sometime around the age of two. The truth of the matter is that those teeth that pop through the gums between 6 – 9 months need care. During the first year of life, oral care progresses from using a soft, warm cloth to clean gums to using an infant toothbrush for baby teeth. It is also beneficial to give only water in bed-time and nap-time bottles.

By age two, teeth are ready for their first checkup. Most children are, too. One of the advantages of seeing the dentist early, besides better oral health, is that children are far less likely to pick up fear related to dental treatments. This is because the objective of pediatric dentistry is to evaluate, clean, and keep teeth free of painful decay. Our staff is mindful of the fact that new environments, sights, and sounds can be intimidating for young children. Therefore, we put on our extra-caring hats when working with this patient population.

Dental Risks for Children

Children face dental risks that grown-ups may have long forgotten. When a child sleeps with a bottle that contains milk or juice, there is no teeth-brushing after they’ve fallen asleep. So debris and sugar sit in the mouth for bacteria to feed on, creating a huge risk for dental caries. Many children also grind their teeth or suck their thumb, and toddlers may drink from a sippy cup. Each of these habits may be related to the malformation of teeth and jaw development. Early dental care can identify risks, and reduce them by presenting specific strategies for oral hygiene and lifestyle habits.

We would love to help your family enjoy lifelong oral health. Call our Windsor, Oak Grove, or Warrensburg office to schedule your visit.

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