Is that Waterpik an Alternative for Floss?

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There is something special about a warm, welcoming smile. Beauty aside, though, there is also something vital about a healthy smile. Oral health doesn’t end with our teeth. We have learned this through centuries of history filled with tooth loss, discomfort, and bad breath. In addition to brushing our teeth, we also need to clean the areas in between them. For the most part, this has meant winding a string around two fingers and running it through the spaces in between every set of teeth. Tedious. We know.

Enter the Waterpik. This oral hygiene tool may seem like the alternative to flossing you’ve been waiting for. Here, we want to touch on the pros and cons of Waterpik usage to help you understand how it works and how it can work for the future of your smile.


A Waterpik is a type of oral irrigator that works by pulsing a stream of water into the mouth. The small applicator tip is directed along the gum line and in between teeth to clean out debris, including bacteria. This technique is particularly useful for individuals with:

  • Bridgework
  • Dental implants
  • Braces
  • Dental Crowns

The advantages of the Waterpik are that this technique is relatively easy to perform. It may be ideal for people with arthritis or poor dexterity. The stream of water can be adjusted for comfort and efficacy and is usually capable of reaching tight spaces and hard-to-reach places at the back of the mouth, where flossing can be a challenge.

There are few disadvantages to Waterpik use, but they may be significant. Learning to use the device, at what pressure and temperature of water, can take some time. The unit may be costly for some people, and it must be known that this technique may not adequately remove all plaque from the gum line or in between teeth. Some add a few drops of plaque-fighting, the antibacterial solution to the unit’s water reservoir before use to maximize oral care.

To gain the most benefit from oral care, it is necessary to develop a system that is convenient. This ensures you will stick with the program that is designed to prevent painful dental problems. If you have questions about brushing and flossing, we are happy to help you. Contact an office near you for friendly service.

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