Helping the Healing Process after Full-Arch Dental Implant Treatment

Dental Implants | Ridgeview Family Dental | Warrensburg MOWhen teeth are failing, causing pain and embarrassment, and downgrading your quality of life, the choice to undergo full-arch tooth replacement can be a total game-changer. Many people who have made over their uncomfortable, dissatisfying smile with this treatment report an enormous shift in their overall quality of living. This may be why . . .

The Magic of Dental Implants

If you’ve yet to go through a formal consultation about dental implants, you may not realize the full extent of value these small metallic posts offer. Dental implants are the base for new teeth; they aren’t the new teeth. During implant surgery, a minor procedure, Dr. Young will place the appropriate number of implant posts into the jaw. Then, replacement teeth, which could be as much as a full-arch bridge, can be affixed to these stabilizers. And, just like your natural roots, the new foundation made with dental implants can hold your new teeth for many, many years.

We cannot overstate the benefits of having stable, pain-free teeth. When teeth don’t hurt, you can eat what you’d like. When replacement teeth are stable, you can chew and speak without worry that your teeth will move. Furthermore, what implants do that no other replacement can is they support the ongoing regeneration of bone cells in the jaw. This can prevent or at least significantly slow the process of reduction in the jaw that leads to a sunken appearance.

How to Promote Healing after Dental Implant Surgery

The fact that dental implant treatment involves the word “surgery” may lead to a false perception of a complicated procedure. This isn’t accurate. The reason treatment is referred to as surgery is because implants are situated into space beneath the gums. Anytime we go beneath the gums, such as to remove wisdom teeth, it is called oral surgery. Our point is, don’t let that word get into your head. Dental implant treatment is comfortable with the use of local anesthetic and can include nitrous oxide to ease nerves.

After implants are placed, the focus turns to healing. Steps that Ridgeview Family Dental encourages patients to take include:

  • Don’t smoke. In fact, smoking should stop as long before implant treatment as possible.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption as much as possible.
  • Rest more!
  • Feed your body with nutrient-rich foods that contain calcium and phytonutrients that support cell regeneration.

We’re here to help you love your smile. Call 660-747-9117 for an appointment in our Warrensburg, Oak Grove, or Windsor office.

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