Smile Regeneration for the Boomer Generation

Cosmetic Dentistry Warrensburg, MOWe hear a lot these days about rejuvenation; adults of all ages at least think about seeing a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon for some cosmetic work. In our Missouri dental offices, we also help patients of all ages feel great about their smile. Because treatments like BOTOX and facelifts get so much attention, it can be easy to overlook the various reasons why older adults may want to give their smile a little extra oomph.

Making Yourself Marketable

We didn’t use to perceive people as marketable, but it’s hard to get away from this idea now. With reality stars and celebrities a matter of everyday existence, and with the prevalence of social media and the impromptu “selfie,” it has become vital that personal image is maintained. The fact that many older adults do not retire at the “ripe old age” of 65 anymore is a perfect example of needing to stay marketable. Adults are interviewing against a younger generation and, even though they may possess more life and work experience, these individuals also need to look like they can get the job done.

Dating is another important aspect of many people’s lives, and age has no bearing on this. More and more, we hear of Baby Boomers just getting back out there on the dating scene, or meeting a new mate unexpectedly. Part of being able to feel confident in such new situations is to feel good about appearance.

Because research tells us that a radiant, healthy smile makes us appear younger, friendlier, and even more trustworthy, we see immense value in high-quality dental care. In some cases, this may go beyond routine exams and cleanings. You don’t have to be a certain age to benefit from cosmetic dentistry; you just have to want to love your smile at any age.

Cosmetic dental treatments vary widely and are capable of achieving spectacular results such as reviving radiance to dull, stained teeth or making a crooked tooth appear straight. Even denture treatment has improved alongside the development of dental implants.

You deserve to feel confident every time you open your mouth to speak and smile. To learn more about our dental services, contact an office near you.

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