Protection is the Name of the Game

Nightguards & Mouthguards MOIt is estimated that more than 36 million children engage in organized sports each year. From pee-wee football to high school baseball and soccer and wrestling, that is a whole lot of bumping and bruising going on! Statistics also demonstrate a large degree of concern on the part of parents watching their children on the field or court. 87% of them are concerned about the potential for injury. Interestingly enough, just about the same percentage of young athletes are not wearing mouth-guards to prevent tooth and jaw injuries.

There are good reasons to enforce mouth-guard wear for children who engage in sports:

  • Many sports organizations require their teams to wear mouthguards (though coaches may not apply the rule). The mouthguards provided or suggested, however, fall short in several areas.
  • Mouthguards are a convenient and affordable piece of equipment that increases safety substantially.
  • When a mouthguard fits well, the risk of tooth avulsion (loss) is nearly eliminated. Teeth are less likely to be broken, as well, and the structures of the jaw are better protected when a well-fitting mouthguard is in place.
  • Research suggests that the shock-absorbing power of a good mouthguard reduces the risk of concussion.

The Value of Customization

Typically, parents are advised to head to their local sporting goods store to purchase “boil and bite” mouthguards for young players. These products are barely sufficient for the basic level of safety. There are two reasons for this: the first is that non-custom mouthguards are not comfortable. They inhibit proper breathing and feel bulky, so players may not keep them in. This stands in the way of safe play. Second, the thickness of a non-custom mouth-guard tends to be consistent from the front of the mouth to the back of the mouth. Studies indicate a need for variation in thickness to reduce pressure on teeth and the back of the jaw.

Custom mouthguards are more comfortable, so they are more likely to be worn consistently. They are also made to fit perfectly to blunt force where it is most likely to occur. Learn more about getting a custom mouthguard for your child in our Warrensburg, Oak Grove, or Windsor office.



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